Energy Auditing

Energy management programs are a systematic strategy for controlling buildings energy consumption pattern, and reducing it to the minimum permitted without compromising production, comfort, operations and other factors. It establishes and maintains an efficient balance between a building’s annual functional energy requirements and its annual actual energy consumption.

As a specialized in energy auditing, we help our clients for improving energy performance by implementing energy auditing programs through:
  • Data collection and measurements.
  • Analysis of the collected and measured data using specialized tools and software.
  • dentification of major energy consuming systems.
  • Identification of energy saving opportunities.
  • Calculating the expected energy saving and the associated costs of implementing the energy saving measures.
  • Financial assessment of the feasibility of implementing energy saving measures.
  • Documentation and reporting.

Energy Performance Contracting

Energy performance contracting is a smart, affordable and innovative method for saving energy and money. The concept behind performance contracting is the leverage money saved on energy and operating costs to pay for energy system’s improvements.

Performance contracting offers an alternative to the traditional bid and spec process by placing the demand of performance and guaranteed results on energy service contractor. Our customers can apply the savings they realize toward energy systems improvements, within existing budgets and without the need for capital investment.

Any large building or group of buildings including hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and industrial facilities is an ideal candidate for energy performance contracting.

Implementation Of Energy Saving Programs

EcoSol has the full capacity to Implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at industrial and commercial facilities with highly qualified team of engineers who have an excellent knowledge of energy systems (Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal), ability to review energy audits and understand recommendations, excellent project management skills and rich experience of implementation including: retrofitting of existing inefficient systems with new efficient systems, installing management systems and controls, performing electromechanical works and design maintenance procedures, based on local and international standards and codes. EcoSol also provides its clients with Measurement and Verification (M & V) services to prove savings that can be achieved from implementing Energy Conservation Measures based on International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Energy Value Analysis (Design Optimization)

EcoSol energy and water efficiency experts can work with the design team from the project concept phase and during the design phase to ensure that project designs achieves highest level of energy efficiency and related international standards. When EcoSol is engaged as part of the project team, we provide recommendations supported by complete technical and economic analysis to all issues related to performance and energy efficiency of the project designs. That includes but not limited to building architecture like shading, building azimuth, natural lighting and cooling and many other related aspects. It includes also lighting, HVAC, building envelop, electrical systems, cabling, power factor, electrical load calculations, pumping systems, industrial processes, boilers and steam systems, and all other MEP systems.

EcoSol team utilize also Energy Modeling in some cases to study and compare different energy efficiency systems and their impact on facility energy bill and project costs.

Energy Strategic Planning

National Energy Strategy of a country is key factor to economy growth and communities’ security. Having the right diversity of energy sources and utilizing all possible renewable energy sources is a big challenge that needs detailed investigation, techno-economical analysis and feasibility studies. EcoSol energy experts participated in several projects in Jordan and Middle East to assist governments and international organizations to deal with energy challenges. Some of these projects were executed in association with leading international consulting firms.

Energy planning is also important on facility level and better to be considered at the early stages of design or site selection. EcoSol team can work with the owner and his consultants to develop most economical and energy efficient options applicable to the project. One of the options that are usually analyzed is the possibility to benefit from Solar PV energy or other types of renewable energies to cover part of the facility energy needs. This is now possible in view of the recent renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE/EE) laws and regulations applied in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries in Middle East. The scope include also energy metering/tariffs analysis, district cooling option, chilled water system, heating sources, combined heat and power (CHP) option, solar street lighting, solar pumping, and many other options.

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