Project Description:  The Public Action Project for Water, Energy and Environment is a USAID funded project. The program is 5 years nation-wide education, communication and behavior change. The program seeks to promote positive conservation behaviors in water and energy use as well as encourage better solid waste management. The overall objective is to initiate and establish clear and identifiable behavioral changes amongst the Jordanian public and decision makers alike. These behavioral changes must lead to increased efficiency in resource handling, and the introduction and adoption of much needed policy changes.

Provided Service:  Field Assessment of Domestic Solar Water Heaters in Amman.

EcoSol conducted a field assessment of domestic solar water heaters in Amman to identify the in-efficiencies in solar water heaters installed at the household levels and to measure the cold-water losses displaced by the system before the hot water reaches the end user.

The objectives of the study as relevant and outlined by the Public Action for Water, Energy and Environment Project are to

1.        Measure and calculate the cold-water losses (CWL) before the hot water reaches the end user on the household's level.

2.        Conducting detailed situational analysis on the use and status of Solar Water Heaters (SWH) from the customer point of view.

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